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Professional learning boosted with opening of new centre

Professional learning boosted with opening of new centre

After eight years at Goodstart Mosman in Sydney, centre director Brooke Townend has moved on to open a new Goodstart Early Learning centre at Gladesville.

The Gladesville centre opened today and is in the heart of the northern suburbs of Sydney. It is in a former industrial building which has been completely gutted and rebuilt.

Housing up to 102 children, the two-level, six room centre will follow Goodstart’s new design brief standards, with modern rooms and plenty of natural features.

Ms Townend said while she was excited to take on the challenge of opening a brand new centre, she would feel conflicting emotions as she left Mosman.

“Both of my girls, eight-year-old Emily and six-year-old Lucy, attended this centre during the eight years I have been here so I have a lot of memories at Mosman,” she said.

“The educators here have become my extended family and have cared for my girls during the years. And I’m very close to all of them,” Ms Townend said.

“It’s a brand new centre and a role I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been with Goodstart for 13 years as an educator, centre director and area manager so a new challenge will be great."

Ms Townend said Gladesville was in a great location and was purpose-built for Goodstart. The design brief standards provide guidelines to consolidate the knowledge Goodstart has gained from many years of providing early learning and care to Australian families.

The biggest challenge for Ms Townend would be choosing the right team for the centre.

“I am all for employee wellbeing and looking after those who I work with,” Ms Townend said. “I will need to learn how to be a different leader though because I’ll have a whole new team.”

Gladesville, which is in the Ryde City Council area, is currently undergoing a process of gentrification and many new families are expected to move into the area.

“While there are a few other centres in the area, Goodstart has a different offering because of its highly visible learning for children.

“I think it’s exciting that we’re opening new centres throughout Australia. It gives all of us other avenues for our professional learning, and new challenges in our careers.”

Goodstart Early Learning is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit social enterprises, with turnover exceeding $1 billion. Proceeds are reinvested into providing quality early learning and delivering our vision of giving Australia’s children the best possible start in life.



Posted by Goodstart
29 January 2019

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