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About Goodstart Kindergarten & Preschool

Why choose Goodstart Kindergarten & Preschool

Delivered by qualified teachers, Goodstart’s Kindergarten & Preschool program is a time of transition, learning and fun.

Creating a smooth transition to school

Kindergarten or preschool, depending which state you live in, is a high-quality early learning program delivered the year before a child starts school. Other Australian states or territories may call it kinder or pre-prep.

It’s a crucial year where children are equipped with the vital skills needed for school and life success.

Goodstart's Kindergarten & Preschool program helps children develop foundation literacy and numeracy skills and supports their social and emotional wellbeing  – preparing them for a successful transition to school.

Goodstart partners with local schools to help tailor our programs to support each individual child to transition smoothly.

Families can expect a range of centre initiatives that build a child's school readiness such as excursions to the local school and library and 'lunch box' days to build a child's independent skills.

High-quality early learning

It’s a fact: a child only benefits from early learning when it's high quality.

Our Kindergarten & Preschool program’s curriculum is evidence-informed. This means you can count on your child getting the very best early childhood education based on world-leading research, practices and techniques that engages their natural curiosity and provokes learning and development.

Your child will build their social skills, confidence and independence and learn foundation literacy and numeracy skills needed for success at school. Learn more here.

Our Kindergarten & Preschool program is delivered by university qualified Early Childhood Teachers, who also continue to learn though ongoing professional development opportunities provided by Goodstart.

Early learning experts agree: Play is so important in the early years and is the way in which children organise and make sense of the world around them as they interact with people, objects and each other.

Play allows children to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems – important foundations for developing literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Our Kindergarten & Preschool program aims for the right mix of fun, structured learning and physical activity. 

Our Kindergarten & Preschool teachers embed elements of teaching and learning within play experiences each and everyday that children are interested in and naturally drawn to – and therefore more likely to stay engaged with.

Learn more about our play-based learning approach.

Getting started: When can you enrol your child? Learn more

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