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Program features

A high quality program

Our program is underpinned by the Australian Government National Quality Framework and designed and delivered by university qualified teachers.

Qualified teachers

The Goodstart Kindergarten & Preschool Program is delivered by university qualified teachers who are passionate about learning outcomes for children. They take a personalised approach to a child's learning based on the specific needs and interests of each child.

School readiness

Goodstart’s Kindergarten & Preschool Program helps children build and extend their language, literacy and numeracy skills, learn to be creative, and build their independence, so they can enter ‘big school’ with confidence.

Evidence-based learning

Our program is based on well-researched learning experiences and complements the national Early Years Learning Framework. We encourage children to learn through a combination of child-directed learning, small group educator-guided sessions and brief large-group sessions. It’s delivered in a fun, active and nurturing environment where the child’s experience is paramount. 

Stimulating learning environments

Our centres provide a variety of learning spaces, both indoors and outdoors, to encourage children’s creativity and exploration – including specific learning zones, quiet and active spaces. Children are encouraged to use construction, art and design experiences to express their ideas and creative thinking in two and three dimensions.

Play-based learning

We know that when play is fun and child-directed, children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn. Play often reveals children’s ideas and understanding, and points to more opportunities for planned experiences that extend their learning. Play allows children to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems – important foundations for developing literacy, numeracy and social skills. Our learning environment offers numerous opportunities for children’s play and for guided learning opportunities.


While our Kindergarten & Preschool Program is typically run between 9am and 3pm, our centres offer long-day hours to give you greater flexibility and wrap-around care to suit your family’s needs.

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