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What your child will learn

Social-emotional learning

  • Learning how to work with and alongside others in small and large groups
  • Building self-awareness and co-operation
  • Learning about sharing, caring and empathy
  • Developing conflict resolution skills and the ability to play co-operatively
  • Social skills to make friends, including sharing and listening

Language and literacy

  • Developing language and literacy skills through storytelling and word play
  • Learning how to understand narrative and develop word recognition and vocabulary through listening to and creating their own stories
  • Communication skills and confidence


  • Using numbers to understand the concepts of time, dates, money and measurements
  • Sorting objects by size, colour, shape and recognising patterns
  • Using puzzles and counting games

Science and technology

  • Investigating how the world works through games and activities
  • Growing gardens, caring for animals, learning to respect and care for things

Socio-dramatic play, dance and music

  • Creating shared pretend scenarios using dressups and props
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tone, pitch movement and developing spatial awareness
  • Discovering more about their own and other cultures through music and dance

Creative arts, design and construction

  • Learning how to express ideas and feelings in two and three dimensions with painting, drawing collage and clay play.
  • Developing fine motor skills through manipulation of three dimensional materials

Physically-active play

  • Climbing, running, jumping, skipping and other physical activities help to develop gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye co-ordination and concentration
  • Fostering wellbeing and better thinking

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